A line of biocompatible PDO threads

PDO threads are used to perform revitalization treatments, contouring, wrinkles, and non-surgical face lift and body. They are made of polidioxanonu (PDO) - completely biocompatible and bioabsorbable substance used for more than 20 years in the surgery. PDO threads formed on the basis of the thread used in cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and ophthalmology. They manufactured according to the highest standards meet the most stringent standards for biocompatibility, purity and quality.

Treatments using PDO threads stimulate self-healing mechanisms of the skin, improve firmness and elasticity. The absorption of the threads promotes the restoration of collagen fibers so that the effects are seen even after the dissolution of the thread. In a short time after the procedure, you can zobserwować reducing wrinkles and improving the oval and the overall condition of the skin. With time, skin condition increasingly improves and the skin regains its former density and brilliance.

The effects of lifting using a cogged PDO threads are compared to those obtained by means of plastic surgery. However, in case of the thread treatment, it is almost painless procedure that does not require the use of a scalpel, and the recovery period is very short. A spectacular transformation is apparent immediately after surgery, and with time the effect stabilizes and strengthens. PDO thread can be successfully used in areas where it is difficult to administer botulinum toxin and fillers (glabella face, neck, chin, around the lower lid, etc.). Longlasting and natural effect of smoothing out wrinkles, firming and revitalization is achieved. Using PDO thread in the areas where the botulinum toxin administered allows to obtain similar, but softer effect. In procedures using PDO thread, it is easier to grade the treatment`s effect and to preserve the naturalness.  

We offer a full range of PDO threads allowing to perform any type of surgery. We support the development of professional skills and exchange of practitioner`s experience through training and seminars.

Cogged Threads for Face and Body Lifting

Pressed thread.

The latest generation of cogged threads, where cogs result from forming but not cutting the thread, as previously. Thanks to this method the cogs are thicker, which minimises tissue trauma, and more densely embedded on the thread. The result of the forming is a thread with double cogs offering more advantages in terms of tissue lifting force (the pulling force – 2.7 kg).

Indications: lifting, volumetric facelift, face and body contouring.

Threads for lifting, volumetric facelift. A revolutionary solution in the application of the NewU PDO cogged threads is a blunt tipped cannula.Thanks to its innovative construction and rounded tip, the blunt tipped cannula makes the treatment significantly less traumatic compared to cannulas that have been commonly applied so far. The biggest advantage of this product is that the thread is entirely hidden in the cannula. This allows a cannula to easily manoeuvre in the tissues and enables its smooth removal and re-entry in the case of the previous improper implantation.

Specification of NewU W-type:

  • The thickest and the strongest cogged thread (USP 2).
  • A thread entirely hidden in the cannula, which enables its safe removal and re-entry into the tissue structure.
  • The blunt tip of the cannula causes less trauma during the treatment, improving its comfort.
  • The tissues are permanently sustained in a specified position.
  • Adding new fibres to the fixed structure, which prevents from slipping back into a state prior to the treatment as well as after the complete dissolving of the thread in the skin.

Owing to the application of the blunt tipped cannula and USP 2 threads, the NewU 18G PDO lifting thread is unrivalled among the threads intended for lifting and volumetric facelift.

The 19G cannula constitutes a similar product to the 18G cannula. It is excellent for the parts where the subcutaneous tissue is thinner and the skin is more delicate.

Indications: lifting, volumetric facelift, face and body contouring.

A thread with a precise system of cogs placed on the entire thread in 4 planes all around 360°. The advantage of this product is the cannula length. This enables easy manoeuvring of the cannula while correcting sensitive parts, such as the jawline, double chin, and while performing a cheek lift with fine and delicate facial features.

Indications: face and body lift, face contouring, V-lifting and reducing signs of severe skin aging.

An immediate effect is achieved thanks to the mechanical lifting. The thread thickness and cogs placed oppositely in 2 dimensions and additionally twisted 360° around the thread enable the lifting of the eyebrow as well as the removal of forehead lines.

Indications: eyebrow and forehead lift. 

It is ideally suited for the small portions of the face. One-way cogs twisted 360° around the thread. The application of the thread can be carried out in a quick way.

Indications: thread for mouth/eye corner lift.

A revolutionary non-surgical method of nose correction. The thread is entered with the help of a cannula that minimises the risk of blood vessels damage and tissue trauma. The thread is equipped with a system of one-way cogs, which thanks to USP 2 produces a long-lasting lifting effect together with the thinning of the nose tip, without the increase in the nose size. 

Indications: nose correction.


Effects: due to the arrangement of the thread in the shape of a tight tunnel, the thread does not extend during implantation, longer and more spectacular effect, implementation without twisting the cannula / needle, shorter treatment time and easier implantation, greater effect at small cannula / needle size (21G ~> 30G).

Assignment: increasing the volume of tissues, collagen production, filling the sunken cheeks, increasing flexibility, improving the the skin look, applied to all types of wrinkles.

Indications: forehead wrinkles, cheeks, marionettes, wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial folds, chin, scars.

Lifting and Revitalizing Threads NewU Multi-Fill - one cannula with 14 threads!

Effects: filling in the subcutaneous tissue, intense formation of collagen, strengthening the tissues.

Assignment: volume restoration, skin elasticity improvement, wrinkle smoothing, anti-aging effect.

Indications: face, cheeks, wrinkles around the eyes and under the eyes, double chin, neck wrinkles.

Smooth Revitalizing Threads

A single PDO thread twisted around a cannula.

The fibre has the so-called memory of the twist, which allows an even more effective reduction of wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The application of the cannula, when compared to the use of the needle, minimises trauma in these types of treatments. Due to its very small gauge the cannula is easy to use and doesn’t cause swellings even in the first moments after the treatment. It is the only unique product intended for treatments in the eye area.

Indications: threads for smoothing the “crow’s feet”, wrinkles in the eye area and reducing bags under the eyes.

Cannula gauge

Cannula length

Thread length

USP thread size

30G25 mm30 mm6-0
30G38 mm60 mm6-0

A single, smooth PDO thread.

Perfect for the treatment of wrinkles and the removal of bags under eyes. The use of a cannula makes the procedure much less traumatic than using a needle in this type of surgery. Due to the fact that the cannula has a very small diameter, it is easy to use, and does not cause edema even in the first moments after surgery.

Indications: thread for smoothing "crow's feet", wrinkles around the eyes and removing bags under the eyes.

Cannula gauge

Cannula length

Thread length

USP thread size

30G25 mm30 mm6-0
30G38 mm60 mm6-0

A single Mono thread twisted around the needle. When inserting the thread is screwed into the tissue. The fiber has so-called turn memory, which allows effective smoothing of wrinkles.

Indications: revitalization and shallowing wrinkles especially in the areas of intense facial muscle work (eye area, posterior coat of the nasolabial fold, etc.). Treatments that require lifting or straightening tissues.

Needle gaugeNeedle lengthThread lengthThread USP size
30G25 mm30 mm6-0
30G38 mm60 mm6-0
29G50 mm80 mm6-0
27G60 mm100 mm5-0
27G90 mm160 mm5-0

A classic, single, smooth thread made of polydioxanone (PDO).
NewU Mono PDO threads have multi-functional properties: they smooth wrinkles and shallow facial lines, produce a lifting effect, increase elasticity, revitalise and brighten the skin.

Indications: face and body revitalisation

Needle gauge

Needle lengthThread lengthThread USP size
30G25 mm30 mm6-0
30 G38 mm60 mm6-0
29G50 mm80 mm6-0
26G60 mm100 mm5-0
26G90 mm160 mm5-0

Two NewU Mono threads twisted together and, additionally, twisted around a needle. The fibre has the so-called memory of the twist, which ensures an effective reduction of even deep wrinkles. After its introduction, the NewU Tornado thread works with redoubled power when compared to the traditional Screw thread.

Indications: revitalisation and reduction of wrinkles, especially in the areas of intense muscle activity (the eye area, glabella, nasolabial folds, etc.); treatments requiring tissue lifting or smoothing; treatments as an alternative to using Botox (the eye area, forehead, etc.).

Needle gauge

Needle length

Thread lengthThread USP size
26G38 mm60 mm(7-0) x 2
26G50 mm80 mm(7-0) x 2
26G60 mm100 mm(7-0) x 2
26G90 mm160 mm(7-0) x 2


Nić gładka złożona z dwudziestu włókien monofilamentów.


Nić gładka złożona z dwudziestu włókien monofilamentów dodatkowo skręcona spiralnie.

Wskazania: czoło, podbródek, szyja, policzki, okolice oczu i warg, linia żuchwy, fałdy nosowo-wargowe, okolice czoła, kurze łapki,