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About the threads

The idea of using and implanting threads for aesthetic, rejuvenating or lifting procedures was born in Korea and then met with a very positive reception in Europe.

In our offer we have as many as 4 types of threads: PDO, PLLA, P(LA-LC), WHITE PDO, which are further divided into threads giving revitalizing and lifting effects.

What is skin revitalisation with threads?

Revitalising the skin using threads means regenerating the skin from within. Thanks to this, the effect on the skin is much stronger compared to other methods used in cosmetology. The threads stimulate the production of endogenous collagen by causing the body to react to the foreign body by irritating and stimulating fibroblasts to produce it. Thanks to the strong effect of stimulating the skin to regeneration, the amount of collagen fibres increases. During the following months after the treatment, the volume of tissues in the area of the implemented threads gradually increases.

Is it safe to use threads?

NewU threads meet the highest quality and safety requirements, they have KFDA and CE safety certificates. The material from which the threads are made is completely biodegradable, metabolised over time and then removed from the body.

Is it painful?

Procedures using threads are performed under local or infiltration anaesthesia in order to minimise discomfort and stress for the patient.

Treatment time and recovery period?

The duration of the treatment depends on the part of the skin to be treated. The average treatment time is 30 minutes - 60 minutes.

The treatment itself is minimally invasive and does not require a period of convalescence. On the day of the treatment redness and slight swelling may occur. This is caused by interference in the deeper layers of the skin and violation of its coating.

An alternative to the use of botox and fillers.

The biggest advantage of PDO, PLLA, P(LA/CL) and WHITE PDO threads is that we obtain spectacular effects while maintaining the natural look of the patient's face.

As we know, botulinum toxin blocks conduction of nerve impulses to muscle fibres, causing immobilisation of facial muscles, which results in smoothing out wrinkles and preventing their formation. The effect of smoothing out wrinkles can be obtained by using PDO, PLLA, P(LA/CL) and WHITE PDO threads, which, unlike botulinum toxin, have only a weakening effect on the muscle, and the effect achieved is more natural.

Threads also perform very well in treatments which until now were dominated mainly by fillers. In contrast to treatments using hyaluronic acid, there is no increase in facial volume. Natural facial features are preserved with a rejuvenating effect.

Who is the thread treatment for?

Treatments are intended for both men and women who want to improve the condition of facial skin, reduce mimic wrinkles, furrows and bags under the eyes. The revitalising treatment can also be applied to larger parts of the body such as: neck transverse wrinkles or stretch marks.

The treatment is indicated for:

light or more advanced signs of sagging, soft tissue slumping (without significant skin excess),
lip and nose wrinkles,
marionette lines,
neck changes due to ageing,
atrophic changes,
uneven texture of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

What effect is achieved after the treatment?

Straight after the treatment, the condition of the skin improves and the skin becomes smoother in the place of the implemented threads. In the following weeks the skin becomes firmer and thicker. Thanks to revitalisation, the number of collagen fibres which fill furrows and deep wrinkles increases, which makes them visibly shallower.

How to be a model?

Every adult, healthy person without any contraindications can undergo this treatment.
Just send us a message. We will contact you, inform you about the planned training and provide you with the necessary information.

Cost of treatment: The model covers the cost of the material used (threads or filler).
Course of training: Each person comes to the appointed time of the treatment.
Before the treatment there is a free consultation concerning the indication and the type of treatment and the method of its performance.
Each case is considered individually and adjusted to the patient's needs.
During the consultation the patient is informed about the approximate cost of the treatment.
Before the procedure the patient receives for signing a consent for the procedure and publication.
After the treatment the patient receives guidelines for care and recommendations after the treatment.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding, interrupted epidermal continuity, fungal/viral/bacterial diseases, unstable diabetes, autoimmune diseases, tumour diseases, dermatological treatment, skin allergies, herpes, tendency to form hypertrophic scars, recent surgery or cryotherapy in the area of the planned treatment site, numerous moles, skin with telangiectasia, acne and damaged skin.

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