The NewU cannulas are the highest quality products intended for the application of hyaluronic acid and other aesthetic medicine products. Thanks to the optimum flexibility, the treatment with the use of a cannula ensures high level of comfort both for the patient and doctor. A special measuring scale allows to control the cannula’s length in the tissue, which results in the treatment’s accuracy. Cannulas enable the introduction of the applied product over a large area of the face and reaching all parts with only one injection. A specially designed tip as well as a possibility to perform a treatment with one injection make the treatment more comfortable, less invasive and painful, and much quicker as compared to the multi-injection treatments. The risk of hematoma is also significantly reduced.

Indications: reduction of wrinkles, skin revitalisation, improvement of face contour, intensive moisturising of skin and modelling of facial contours.

SymbolCannula gaugeCannula length
C22 G5022 G50 mm
C27 G5027 G50 mm
C25 G5025 G50 mm
C21 G5021 G50 mm
C22 G7022 G70 mm
C30 G2530 G25 mm